This is one of the few reason why I hate some people. ..

YESH He's looks all Depressed Now Its All The Larry and Elenour DRAMA Poor Louis Geez Back Off His Personal Like and move on he's currently happy with Eleanor!

So last night at the concert someone decided to throw water on Niall & his guitar. His guitar was electric which is even worse. We know that he loves his guitars more than anything, so why are we hurting him? The video is all over Twitter if you want to see it. *Warning* your heart will break. #CanYouRespectNiall is trending right now.

ok you made him so upset look at him he has caused no trouble to anyone NEVER THROW WATER AT HIM AGAIN who ever did this better apologize

Always repinning this

Funny pictures about Swag level: Scott Disick. Oh, and cool pics about Swag level: Scott Disick. Also, Swag level: Scott Disick.

#RealDirectionersLoveLouis I'm tired of all the hate he gets. I mean enough is enough already. If you don't like Louis then you don't like one direction. Without it wouldn't be the same. If you where in Louis' shoes wouldn't you start to get tired of all this nonsense. Having to worry about dating Eleanor because people think he's gay. People invading your privacy all the time. Not getting much time to relax and enjoy anything. Just give him a break! So just stop already. ~Adiah❤❤❤

I LOVE YOU LOUIS! I DO CARE WHEN YOU CRY ❤️ Louis was the first member of one direction that I fell in love with and my love for him grows more and more each day! It would break my heart to see Louis cry!

My angel now knows how to fly... {IF YOU READ THIS I PROMISE YOU, YOU WILL CRY.}

I'm actually about to cry. Louis Tomlinson is unhappy. shutup about the Larry Eleanor thing. leave him alone he's an angel and I just want him to be happy

When people say One Direction suck

I think in interviews from here on out we need to watch Louis' facial expressions when an interview asks a question we know is stupid. Sassy lou is my favorite lou XD

they're blinded from the truth. i feel bad for those people who are suffering from idiocy.

He is the moet sweet and amazing and caring boy.>>> his face is so sad when he cries, I just wanna hug him and tell him it's okay