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Geocaching i Sverige - Loggböcker
Geocaching log sheets to print, as PDF or JPG
A fantastic tool for solving those tricky puzzles!
Vissa saker som tillverkas så finurliga så att ingen ens förstår hur de ska användas. Har är åtta smarta tricks du måste kunna!
geocaching: what it is & why we're hooked #weteach

geocaching: what it is & why we're hooked

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Xnote - Or, instead of QR codes, place clues at specific locations (via GPS technology) that your students must physically visit for your scavenger hunt.
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Geocaching swag or keepsakes: hand-stamped by TheStampingGrounds

Geocaching swag or keepsakes: hand-stamped aluminum geocaching coins

3 Digit Magnetic "Flat Cache" Geocaching Geocache Cache Nano Container | eBay
geocaching sverige | Geocaching i Sverige - Om föreningen
Indiana Jones and the Geocache of Doom!  Who knew Lego Indy was also an avid geocacher?  (pics by xlii on instagram stitched together by I.B. Geocaching and pinned to Geocaching Images -  #IBGCp
This Travel Bug geo-art can be found in Sweden.  Find the geocaches by searching the map at  #geocachingrules