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HIDDENVASE research 1

Hidden Vases by Chris Kabel - research on how to make a vase disappear.

plant (I want to know what this is!)

DesignHome Camp Cirrus unRaveled :: answers by Cina Kjellsson S:: Swedish is.

growing collection of house plants grouped into vignettes throughout the home. place a beautiful botanical print over the table

dipped plant pots

5 tips for adding green to your home. weve never had a shortage of green around considering how big our family is on gardening but this makes me want to get my own little plant for my room. More plants please!

Citrus inside; the best pick for homegrown citrus is a dwarf variety, a plant that is grafted onto special rootstock that prevents the tree from growing too large. Many citrus trees can be grown as dwarves, including Meyer lemon, kaffir lime, and 'Trovita' and calamondin oranges, which are amenable to indoor cultivation.

DIY: Potted Indoor Citrus Trees

Growing lemon tree indoor will add a refreshing aroma when in flower and is great decorative addition. Of Course it has a potential fruit harvest. For your inspiration have a look ideas of lemon in home decor.

hidden vase project

i like these photos of chris kabel's hidden vase research project. hidden vase research by c hris kabel with frank bruggeman (flower.

#purple #mauve #arrangement #glass #square #iris #snapdragon #stocks

#purple #mauve #arrangement #glass #square #iris #snapdragon #stocks