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Peach Smoothie...2 C fresh orange juice, 1 C peach Greek Yogurt, 2 C frozen sliced peaches, 2 TBSP raw honey or 1 TBSP sugar. Blend together and enjoy!

(Summer) Peach Smoothie 2 cups fresh orange juice, 1 cup peach greek yogurt, 2 cups frozen sliced peaches, 2 tablespoons raw honey or 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 teaspoon nutmeg. Blend all the ingredients until smooth. try with plain greek yogurt to cut sugar

Tropical Sunshine Smoothie - Mangos, pineapple, bananas, orange juice, and a tiny taste of coconut!

There's nothing better than a bright tropical smoothie in the middle of winter to spite the rain. This Tropical Sunshine Smoothie is made of Mangos, pineapple, bananas, orange juice, and a tiny taste of coconut!

Workout smoothie 1 1/2 C chopped strawberries. 1 C blueberries. 1/2 C raspberries. 2 tbsp honey. 1 tsp fresh lemon. juice. 1/2 C ice cubes. Blend.

Alex Keating posted Berry Good workout smoothie 1 C chopped strawberries 1 C blueberries C raspberries 2 tbsp honey 1 tsp fresh lemon juice C ice cubes Blend 161 cal to his -food stuff- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

Demasiadas ideas con los frasquitos.

Skinny Vanilla Mocha Frappe

Skinny Vanilla Mocha Frappe - Ice coffee blended drink made with milk, vanilla and cocoa powder. for over 2 cups! --- Here's the ADVOCARE way::: Iced decaf coffee, almond milk, vanilla, and cocoa powder. Blend and yum and clean!

Peach Lemonade - a summer cooler. www.cookingcurries.com

Peach Lemonade, sounds yummy and is made from fresh lemons and peaches. for when our peach tree is ripe

Dr. Oz's slim down drink! Sounds healthy as heck (:

Oz's slim down drink! Oz's Swimsuit Slimdown Drink- 1 cup grapefruit or orange or pineapple juice, 2 tsp apple cider vineger 1 tsp honey Drink before each meal . breaks down fat cells faster than anything else. Healthy The New Skinny

Kale, Oat, and Blueberry Smoothie This may look disgusting but I promise you, it is NOT. I've made this smoothie 2 times already cuz it is sooooooo good :]

cup kale leaves, torn and packed cup blueberries (fresh or frozen) 2 heaping TBSP. raw oats banana, sliced cup milk of your choice 1 tsp. honey (or more, to taste) ice cubes

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10 Super Healthy And Delicious Smoothies for Breakfast

Mango Peach Smoothie

Peach Mango Bliss

Mango Peach Smoothie 1 heaping cup frozen peach slices 1 heaping cup frozen mango slices frozen banana orange juice to taste Instructions Add peaches, mango, banana, and orange juice to blender. Puree until smooth, adding orange juice as necessary.

Vodka Slush Recipe

My version of Frozen Vodka Lemon Slush. 48 oz homemade lemoncello, can of pineapple juice frozen grapefruit juice frozen lemonade Vodka First, Combine and freeze. Fill glass with slush and rest with