L O L by AmaiCandy on deviantART

hahahahaha titles anyways i made a bb to match with and because we wanted to make qt matching ocs //waits eagerly for their qts /o/ he has an LOL clip because i type lol a LOT and we decided.

Адопты и т.д. – 240 фотографий

homg wat tf is going on with the description is this a glitch so i decided to open one adoptable set each month (min 1 max hope i wont be tooo lazy .

Meelkos by Meeluf.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

They're called meelkos u know milk ghosts haha do you get it? Meelkos are kinda like helper ghosts Ryo (.

[CLOSED] Dairy Fairy Outfit Adoptable #16 by Black-Quose.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Six Most Ruthless African Dictators in History

well here, the forecast reporter said this year will be the longest coldest year and now the current temperature is 29 Celsius. however, want some outfit for your oc ?

Female costume design with fantasy elven influences. Owner: jeweledphoenix Only myself and the owner (purchaser) have the right to display the design. You may not use this costume for your characte.