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What kind of church IS this?

Wow, even the church doesn't trust it's own people.during Communion!

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Ahhh.. Such a warm welcome!

Oh no nope nada ain't happening

This Can't End Well  Gross!!!!!!!!!!

This Can't End Well

Friday Funny Fix

Growing old is mandatory Growing wise is optional.

Growing Wise Is Optional Sign

Growing Wise Is Optional Sign - Fast shipping, direct from the USA manufacturer. Order your Growing Wise Is Optional Sign today.

Now I've seen sign that say don't use elevators in case of fire, this ones new!

The best strange, funny, and WTF warning signs ever!

Slow or speed


I love this sign! “Drive Slow See Our Village – Drive Fast See Our Judge – Speed Limits Strictly Enforced” -Corrales, NM Sign

I tried to scroll past, I really did. It physically pained me not to repin this.

Stupidity At The Workplace. (Bad & funny habits on the job - death and injury factors at work)

Flippin Church of God

Flippin Church of God - Funny Sign

Spelling Bee Fail - neither Maiesha nor Anamaria wrote this sign..,.

45 Back To School FAILS: How Not To Start The School Year (PHOTOS)

Embarrassing: This group of photographs shows that many schools and news organisations need to brush up on their spelling. Perhaps this school ought to have asked its Spelling Bee winners to write this sign

lol... tomatoes are now dangerous.

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This Gas Station Will Give You Your Fill Of Dad Jokes

This Gas Station Will Give You Your Fill Of Dad Jokes

The second mouse gets the cheese - Dad Jokes

Warning signs can be helpful and informative.... sometimes. But seriously though, most of the time we don’t pay much attention to street signs, but then again it’s not that often that we run into these kinda signs. LOL! Whoever came up with these cleverly sarcastic signs really needs a raise . Chec…

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Yet another confusing sign, typically it would say the right lane must turn right. Instead this sign says right left. That does not make sense, what is a right left?

Remember those nightmares you had as a kid where you were trying to find your class but just couldn't get there?

13 Hilariously Stupid Signs - stupid sign, stupid signs

Do not enter sign and enter only sign. High cognitive ability the signs are clear, quite confusing on what one should do

Do you want to have a giggle? Look at these funny signs and you will have a barrel of laughs!

Incredibly Funny Signs That Make Us Laugh Way Too Hard

These 30 incredibly funny signs will make you laugh harder than you should. Ironic, redundant, and paradoxical, these signs are ridiculous but hilarious.