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Foamy and Leafy is a kids' book about the plastic in the North Pacific Gyre.  This review is a guest post by plastic-free blogger,  Linda Anderson, who blogs

Book Review: The True Adventures of Foamy and Leafy

Plastic-Free ways to store produce. Link to useful list from the Berkeley Ecology Center.

7 Days of Recycling  #Infographic #Recycling  EARTH FORCE bracelets  | #lifeadvancer |

7 Days of Recycling #Infographic #Recycling EARTH FORCE bracelets | #lifeadvancer |

ted talks plastic - YouTube

Beth Terry, the founder of Fake Plastic Fish, shares her story of plastic free living.

Plastic Free book by Beth Terry-I recommend you read the blog. but the book is made in china so no proof this is chemical or plastic free hard copy.  I refuse all products from china as they are full of chemicals and their policies are harmful to the enviornment.

Plastic Free book by Beth Terry. Website has a list of ways to reduse plastic consumption

Green in 365 series - tips to go green and save green via

Green in 365: Making Small Changes

Mac #travel guide #travel tips #travelling collections|

14 Mac Hacks That Will Change The Way You Use Your Computer. This will come in very handy when I finally get a Mac.

Six disturbing facts about plastic bags. | Rodale Wellness

Read This and Never Forget Your Reusable Shopping Bag Again

Did you know? A tree can absorb up to 48 lbs of carbon dioxide a year. Plant a tree - reduce global warming.

We depend on the trees to breathe. Plant trees this Spring and Fall! A cheap ways to take direct action to preserve this planet, and our shared future.

187 Simple Ways to Go Green - All Natural Home and Beauty #naturalhealth #gogreen

Why Reusable Bags Are Better For You AND The World

"Wellness Uncovered Health Forum"

20 Ways to Give Up Plastic (And the Toxins in It)

Know Your Plastics - I'd always try to avoid plastics - especially around food! And heating food up in a plastic container just never seemed like a good idea to me!

40 Unexpected Ways You Can Help the Environment Right Now -Posted by Shana Lebowitz on January 27, 2014

Fun fact: Writing a shopping list, learning to pickle, and visiting used bookstores are all great ways to help the planet. Here, we’ve rounded up some relatively unconventional but hugely impactful ways to make your daily routine more eco-friendly.