Here at I Love Halloween, we have seen our fair share of wonderful and creative Halloween makeup ideas.

Distressed Doll Barbie has never looked much frightening.

13 Spooky Halloween Makeup Ideas - no costume required!

My creepy doll halloween costume from last year. Handmade outfit, doll leg tights and makeup by me Halloween Makeup

Varför inte gå all in på sminket på halloween-festen? Spana in 29 sjukt läskiga halloween-sminkningar!

Definitely feeling like I wanna do something crazy for Halloween! Wish you were here Selena! Halloween: 3 (halloween scary makeup, style, outfits and styling) Make up ideas for Halloween

DIY Sketched Face | creative #Halloween #Makeup by Sandra Holmbom

halloweencrafts: DIY Inspiration: Sketched Face Makeup by Sandra Holmbom. Go to the link for products used and more photos. For the scariest Halloween Makeup EVER by Sandra Hombom go here notes). For more of Sandra Holmbom’s amazing FX makeup.

Cute tiger Halloween idea.

Using body paint for tiger stripes really makes this cat/tiger costume so much bolder and more interesting/original. And it's such a versatile technique - just about any dress/outfit can be used for a whole variety of animal, etc costumes

Jigsaw from Saw

This is a very simple and awesome Jigsaw (from saw) makeup. The lips are my favorite. I'm thinking Halloween costume 🎃