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Aaron go into that room where the demon attacked that woman and make fun of it while i go do an EVP by this old door Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures wouldn’t be the same without him…

Ghost Adventures wouldn’t be the same without him…

Intriguing, comical, and serious paranormal investigation all rolled into one GREAT show.Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel

Ghost Adventures. He is such a poser...I love ghost hunting, but I had to stop watching this show cuz I couldn't handle his ridiculousness & wanna be machizmo.

i dont always see ghosts but when i do i scream like a little girl - Zak Bagans, ghost adventures

Ghost Adventures Funny - Bing Images

Three reasons why i love ghost adventures. It has ghosts. It also has Zak Bagans.

Ghost Adventures meme... hilarious! The funny thing is...Zak talks like that XD

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Little things ghost adventures

The Little Things About Ghost Adventures When Zak told the spirits that Billy was going to kill them

Ghost Adventures - love this show! They do  scream like little girls quite often after having provoked the spirits...lol

I laughed soooo hard to these! If you watch ghost adventures you will love this.

Ghost Adventures: Zak's gel

Ghost Adventures: Stanley Hotel - Zak re-enacts the famous axe scene from "The Shining". The Stanley Hotel was the inspiration for Stephen King's novel.