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Josh Pyke chanteur australien filme une nouvelle vidéo sur un bateau spécial créé avec les mêmes spécifications que sa guitare acoustique

Will a ride in this cool guitar boat make you happy? Australian singer Josh Pyke created this massive prop for his music video, “Make You Happy.” It’s.

Collings AT 16 | Handmade Instruments from Austin, TX - 1 of 2

The official source of information for Collings custom handmade acoustic guitars, electric guitars, mandolins, ukuleles and archtop guitars.

Springer Halfbreed: and see it introduced by its maker and getting a workout at

Springer Halfbreed: and see it introduced by its maker and getting a workout at

A bit too ornate for my tastes, but still an impressive Martin. Martin Millionth Guitar

Herbert TODT

An acoustic guitar is a wooden instrument that’s shaped like the number eight and has a hole at its middle part. Often mistaken as a classical guitar, an acoustic guitar is hollow and is composed of six strings made of steel.

Gibson L-5 Acoustic Archtop Guitar, Vintage 1939 Blonde

Gibson Acoustic Archtop Guitar, Vintage 1939 Blonde, Proof that blondes do have more fun!

Epiphone 2014 Limited Edition “Union Jack” Sheraton Outfit ETUJAWGH | L.A. Music

Epiphone Limited Edition “Union Jack” Sheraton Outfit, as played by Noel Gallagher ( Oasis ) v t1.0-9 17353401_1509018832473190_5210358768570111307_n.jpg?oh=e0f879498300f294471fc68c448215f3&oe=5952742C

My first Guitar Danelectro Silvertone 1448 Amp-in-case Vintage Electric Guitar

Roger vintage guitar

Roger vintage guitar

Springer Guitars

Mikaël Springer originally started building electric guitars back in 2004 as a hobby, like many of his luthier colleagues. From then on, guitar building became

1962 ES 335. We are the same age.

1962 ES a gibson ES 335 was the same type of guitar of BB kings "lucille" man this thing can sing