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Beautifully Written

Book cafe window // maybe the reading nook should be moved to a window with a view - will it get more USE & traffic ?

Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men

I like to imagine this little spot in a garden house. Somewhere to clean and prepare vegetables from the garden/store goods/etc. It must have the sweet ivy window.

Pinterest | gracereid17

Pinterest | gracereid17

Gorgeous terrace with plants everywhere!

karien anne - outdoors - The ancient brick exterior grounds the home in its historic context, but the modern steel-framed windows and doors make the space feel current.

We make eye contact. We say i love you and we know what we mean. We pick out eachothers outfits and combine our collections of rocks and flowers. We braid eachothers hair before we go to bed and watch TV together. We fall asleep next to eachother, slurry words bubble out as we knock out.

House plants, flowers, succulents, and cactus. Indoor plants and botanical design.

focus-damnit:  (via . | Casa Mexicana)

Neutral colors are a decorating staple. Our paint and color experts love the desert sand color schemes we see. Using neutral colors in your home offers a multitude of ways to add personality into your interior design. For color hue ideas go to Domino.


New York - Steven Harris Architects. An open courtyard separates the ground-floor sitting room from the home office.

How Modern Front Doors Can Reveal The Character Of Your Home

How Modern Front Doors Can Reveal The Character Of Your Home

For Home - Minimalist House // Modern oversized wood entry door. Oban House, by Agushi