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notes from a mad housewife: project winter coat: custom shoulder pads

i'm not much of a shoulder pad person, but i do know that a tailored coat needs some oomph to maintain the structured shoulder you've worked.

I love to sew. That being said, I rarely have time these days between work and family. Well, I have a treat for all of you like me who just really need sewing to be less time-consuming and a bit easier. I’ve collected some of the most ingenious sewing hacks you’ve ever seen! I really wish that I...

80 Ingenious Sewing Hacks and Pro Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

How to turn fabric right side out without getting mad. ✄ Just take care not to poke a hole in your fabric with the skewer. Be gentle.

Shoulder Pads Are Not The Enemy, A Tutorial

Shoulder Pads are not the enemy tutorial! They a usually hidden in coats, dresses Etc, to give support and structure to the garment. They are made in many shapes and thicknesses, not all of them look like they belong on a football player.

Shoulder Pad Tutorial by BluePandaCosplay on DeviantArt

First Tutorial Made to answer ~ABeastLives questions about my Cloud Strife Cosplay shoulder pads. They are far from perfect but im proud of them as this is the time iv& made anything like this.

Casual Women Long Sleeve Zipper Hooded Pocket Coats

Casual Women Long Sleeve Zipper Hooded Pocket Coats

Casual Women Long Sleeve Zipper Hooded Pocket Coats is hot sale on Newchic,here women Coats & Jackets with unbelievable discounts.

Armani Jackets: The Inside Story | Learn How to Sew Jackets, Coats, and Blazers | How to Sew Jacket Pockets, Sleeves, Lining, Sewing Blazer or Jacket Tutorial | Sew Along | Jacket Sewing Instructions | Tailoring

Armani Jackets: The Inside Story