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Don't do that, I'll beat yo brother ass

Blue dress meme spongebob – Woman dresses line

At certain family functions.......we will not mention any names.

At certain family functions.we will not mention any names.

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Lol all the fckin time

I be rude with the faces i make its just a natural reaction tho i cant stop it g



♕ yoυ're perғecт jυѕт нow yoυ are ♕ ⇻skylar149⇺

RT Describes this year's dunk contest.

Boyyyy  aint got no siblings but my cousins tho

if this aint me i got TWO OLDER BROTHERS endless amounts of cousins like i cant describe how many i have then they friends like me and they friends like pb&j i been knowing all of them since i was like four so let a nigga play with me😏😏

proud family was my show yes , slay !!

Nah but fr?

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I love kappa men yessss

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A little reality check for you "ride or die" chicks with criminal ass bf/husbands.

when there's 8 fights at school  in only 2 days and everyone is recording and stampeding and omg its crazy

and 4 tbh

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Pinterest: @ThugJellyWaffle ❌


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we are arт, вυт even тнe мoѕт вeaυтιғυl paιnтιngѕ can вυrn

nicki minaj, slay and bang bang image on We Heart It

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Nigga look fresh asf makin me wanna wear dat but I'm a girl so