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Surreal Photography by Gabriel Isak | iGNANT.de

Surreal Photography by Gabriel Isak

By swedish photographer Gabriel Isak Photographer Creates Surreal Scenes Based on His Blue Journey

Walking Bear Art Print

Bergen-based visual artist Andreas Lie, blends the scenery of Norwegian wilderness with photographs of animals to create stunning double exposure portraits.

in a dream, gabriel isak (society6)

Check out these supernatural projections in the photography of Gabriel Isak.

And with the wind the ashes blow/and could I ever get through all those things you do without such devotion.

"Years have passed since you last showed yourself to me / when I spied you catchin' perch in a cemetary / then I caught your scent, twas carried by an August breeze"

I was born in Huskvarna, Sweden. I use photography as a metaphor for experiences of the soul by creating photographs that are simple in form, but rich in ideas and emotions. My imagery entails surreal and melancholic scenes inspired by the inner world of dreams and psychology, where I invite the viewer to interact with the internal world of solitary figures that symbolize our own unconscious states.

The Exploration Of Our Inner Melancholy In Surreal Imagery

The Internal world of Solitary People - Art People Gallery

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Dream Art; Literally Recording Your Dreams In The Form Of Art

This interest me because it looks as if three picture have been combined into one overlapping each other. Tough this painting is black and white you see the dark areas and then the lighter areas. Travel and Photography from around the world.

фотография, портрет

фотография, портрет