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1805_fashionable mourning dress_ladies museum

Jane Austen’s Ode to Mourning Clothes


Journal des Dames et des Modes, Costume Parisien, Spencer, Backview detail, 1810

1818 walking dress belle assemblee boots

Regency Fashion: Ladies Half Boots

Regency Trolls, via Angelyn Schmid (English walking dress featured in La Belle Assemblee, October "Garter purple poplin pelisse, ornamented with black velvet. Mary Scot bonnet and Waterloo half boots)

Nr 18 1797 - another colorists version

nice Journal des Dames et des Modes, 1797 - an 6 - chapeau & la primerose manch.

Mourning dress, Ackermann

Mourning dress, Winter A collection of historic fashion plates [The century Fashion Plate Collection images) hosted by Claremont Colleges Digital Library in California] found at Bibliodyssey.