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A new, interactive way of showing the products to their consumers. This attracts all kind of consumers, since you don´t have to go into the store to on expensive glasses.

Giving new meaning to the phrase 'window shopping,' Bloomingdale's has replaced its traditional window displays with interactive sunglasses shops.

Augmented reality demonstration at Dezeen's Imagine Shop at Selfridges

Augmented Reality Retail Shops - The Imagine Shop Takes Retail Shopping for Watches & Yachts Online (VIDEO)

Tank Magazine has developed an 'app, which they claim will turn the magazine into a "pop-up book for adults". Readers are invited to download the free app, then pass their phone over images in the magazine til they find playable content.'

Could This Be The Saviour Of Print Magazines?

Tank magazine launches interactive magazine in time for London Fashion Week

a closed window display, used props, lighting.

15 of the Best Window Displays of 2013

window just like 25 york ‘BEAUTIFUL on or off’ Augmented Reality Window Display at John Lewis

London Airport Tests Virtual Grocery Store

London Airport Tests Virtual Grocery Store

Bespoken service: Virtual shopping Tesco paves the way for virtual grocery shopping at Gatwick Airport

Digital Menu Boards updated using Excel at IFE13

Here is a video of how digital menu boards work not just for you, but for your customers as well, optimizing the most in your restaurant's menu design

doesn't require the use of for there is no need to of old messaging when it becomes outdated.

اتصالات مصر تدرس التعاقد مع شركة للعلاقات العامة

اتصالات مصر تدرس التعاقد مع شركة للعلاقات العامة

StyleMe now in oxford street

The Team and Cisco have developed two virtual fashion mirrors for retailer John Lewis’ flagship store on Oxford Street.

NFC ads deliver recipes that change with the weather - NFC World

NFC ads deliver recipes that change with the weather

#List your #popup #boutique with #SmarterSpaces and get prospects in abundance resulting in earning extra #income out of it.

Occupying a former store for solar panels, a design collective has set up shop. Naming themselves after its history, Atelier Solarshop has just opened their third pop-up shop in the space, using found