5 Seconds of Summer

Made a flipagram for my lovely band

lockscreen ; 5 seconds of summer

Crew to whoever made this adorable collage

Comment if you knew who 5SOS were before they were big. I was there since luke did covers by his self!

❁ L̶u̶k̶e̶, C̶a̶l̶u̶m̶, A̶s̶h̶t̶o̶n̶ a̶n̶d̶ M̶i̶c̶h̶a̶e̶l̶ ❁>>omg the gotta get out video was so cute

5 seconds of summer

5 seconds of summer

Never laughed so hard in my life

I just find this funny lol and true respect the band and its members and support them through everything and you are just a big of fan:-) <<<< So glad someone made this. I became a fan the summer of 2014 (and btw it all happened in 5 seconds hehe)

Heyy my loveliess! I made another wattpad account because I lost my password to the other...oopps! Follow me Hemmo1996-1 for great fanfics!! Have a great dayy

Laughing so hard right now<<It's so true<<ikr!

Just hitting you right in the feels

>>>I think I'm officially a Mashton girl. There's no deciding, no question about it. All four of them have ruined me, but I blame Ashton and Michael the most! << I'm a Mashumuke girl xD

And now I'm crying,,,,,,,,,,<<<<<and they would tour the world together...... STAP DONT EVEN TOUCH ME NOW

Dont touch me Im crying and its not good

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This explains the band perfectly

Looks like my so done mother! I've sent her too many pins. I think she's blocked me now. Oh well, whatevah. #GLA

i literally was showing my mom pictures of michael yesterday like this is scarily accurate<<<<this is so true I was showing my mom pictures of all 4 boys and this was her reaction and I was like mother appreciate them!they are beautiful!

Luke's quote! But I would freak out if he went to school with me.

Onions have layers-Ashton Irwin


from the Amnesia vid in color Ash Calum Michael Luke

I never noticed

Omg yes I guess I don't pay attention<<I knew that was Ashton but I didn't even see the scene with Mikey

Oh my heart belongs to this dork and his three amigos... and Shawn Mendes of course!

Don't ever change Luke!

lol... 5sos don't even know their own lyrics >.<  WIN Handwritten Lyrics from 5 Seconds of Summer! | MetroLyrics

5 seconds of summer hand written lyrics