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Gary Numan, in his jumpsuit, 1980s fashion "our Friends Electric "was written about my cousin Su !

Gary Numan - 1980 Loved this image, always want a red stripe in my hair!

Gary Numan

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gary numan

See Gary Numan Get Freaky With Sugababes - Uncut

Gary Numan  Birmingham Odeon   5/9/80, 3/10/83, 24/11/84, 7/10/85.  Oxford Appollo 30/10/93.  Que Club, Birmingham 4/11/97

gary numan - he will inspire musicians and artists for decades and even centuries to come !



Tubeway Army - Are Friends Electric '79

Tubeway Army - 'Are Friends Electric' Good old serious Gary Numan.

Gary Numan live underground Atlanta

Gary Numan live underground Atlanta

Gary Numan, Splinter

Inside Gary Numan's new album Gary wears our jacket!