Creep cool shadow character light gets brighter in the eyes as the character morphs- creating drama and intrigue

Something about this reminds me of Celaena (especially in later books)...

Kaiden // A complicated scribble becomes a fierce person with so much feeling and emotion trapped inside.

Anime picture with original inanna-nakano long hair tall image blue hair bare shoulders eyes closed lying lips signed glowing fang (fangs) sleeping parted lips on side girl petals pillow monster


Phoenix (better Name comes later) A old Clanmate of Luna, from olden times. With her, experiments had also been made, which had caused her to heat her body to an extreme heat, and more.

we are all getting beat up by an enemy. we have to decide when to fight back.

Artists Portray Depression And The Results Are Scary Drawing look very scary like bullying, It's make me feeling scared because of their red creepy eyes, They are strangers look at this person was like depressed. Well, I feeling very sad.


From small things you can invoke if it imagines. But only small without actually giving them full existence.

I have no idea what this is or where it came from, but I like it

Now these three are demons summoned by the guilt of a cheating man. They use him silently while his woman sleeps next to him. They only vanish when he admits his actions to his woman.

The Death Scraper by on @deviantART

Horror/Gore :: The Death Scraper :: DemiseMAN :: Deviantart