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What my dog asked of me...  ♥

If you can't do this for a pet, don't get one. What My Dog Asked of Me by Barbara "BJ" Andrews

this is what your dog thinks about you

you wont realise till you've lost your precious dog. glad i gave you so much time and love cleeby.

I hope my three think of me this way!  They are my heart and soul!

I am not always a good dog mom, but I strive to be. I love my baby boy.he's my only baby. Xxoo my Harley

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Pet Loss Quotes Dog quotes loss

I did stay with my dog. I had rescued him from a puppy mill. I had 6 wonderful months of loving him. His organs were shutting down so he had to be euthanized. I had him cremated and I see him everyday and night.

All true...except about fights. I've never seen my two pups get in a scuffle.

Chewed my favorite throw pillow, our little dog picks on our big dog taking her favorite toys, turned into a full on fight. Love the stinky Dynamic Duo, adding one dog has brought on new behaviors, mostly humorous.

Miss my furry babies who have left this world.

A special poem for the loss of my beloved pet Babi. "Before I go I want you to know." She went over the rainbow bridge June Missing her.

For 14 years I ate with a grey chin on my knee, 10 months ago we had to say goodbye.  I still miss that beautiful soul.

Designed to promote healing provide comfort, our site includes a visitor's area built around the sentiment "I wish Rainbow Bridge had visiting hours.