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Storms can't hurt the sky

"Buddha was asked what have you gained from meditation? he replied Nothing however Buddha said let me tell you what I lost: Anger Anxiety Depression Insecurity Fear of Old Age and Death"

Balanced Chakras Reduce Anxiety | Chakra balancing tips infographic | Meditation | Mindfulness | Mental health & self-care

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"I AM", also called the Tetragrammaton, to litterally bring into existence what you focus on - in daily life, not just spellwork times (although it works just as well!)

i am brilliant! I am strong! I am smart! I am loved! i am desired! I am happy! I am capable ! I am adorable and charming! I am love!

10 Interesting Facts About Buddha (Infographic) - Sivana Blog

10 Interesting Facts About Buddha (Infographic)

The Money Meditation (for manifesting financial abundance) http://goodvibeblog.com/powerful-money-spells-that-work/

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