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love this. especially the sunlight....

Cute photo idea for the bridal party. So true romantic Wedding photo idea

[freedom of the night].                                   I love that this was taken in such low light

Reminds me of a friend who is always " hugging the moment" when she has the feeling that right now is a perfect moment. that's beautiful, I love it!

ファッション誌の新星「STUDY」が奥山由之とコラボ 表参道ROCKETで展覧会開催

ファッション誌の新星「STUDY」が奥山由之とコラボ 表参道ROCKETで展覧会開催

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Orbs are extremely powerful at shifting our consciousness羽❇\(^o^)/

Light as feather! The egyptians believed that in order to get to their ideal aferlife your heart had to be light as feather when weighed against the weight of your deeds.Feathers are near Angels appear!