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Smout Allen, 1:500 model proposal for Happisburgh, Norfolk which is being eroded by the sea. The model shows their proposal for a moveable village on tracks, its trajectory and the tracings of its former settlements indicated by strings. From Pamphlet Architecture no.28, Augmented Landscapes.

Smout Allen: Proposal for Happisburgh, Norfolk In response to erosion of village by the sea, the proposal was for a moveable village on tracks, w/ trajectory and tracings of former settlements indicated by strings.

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ART - String are is inexpensive and interesting. Content could reflect local trail maps, brewery maps of the LML, ski trails etc.

Dancing about Arch: Cross-over lingo

Dancing about Architecture: Cross-over Lingo

Polytopes - whilst doing some research on links between music, sound and architecture I found this model from Xenakis and Le Corbusier's Plytopes experimentational project combining music architecture and engineering - very relevant to my project!

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Week 13 - having a strategic plan of how to allocate spaces benefits the community and allows for both a beautiful and functional space

scaffold urbanism : MAOSWORKS

Exhibited in Emerging Talents, Emerging Technologies in Beijing Biennial (Group project with Jaime Lee, Justin Coleman, and Amy Johnson)