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Iron Man - The Iron Man by artist Mark Verta is a cool mockup of the quirky Stars Wars robot merged with the comic book superhero brought to life by Ro.

Wall-E & Eve Join The ‘Star Wars’ Universe

EVE and Wall-E as and Don't know whether to pin on Geekery or Disney!

Actually this is not true. R2D2 and 3CPO have their memories wiped at the end of Revenge of the Sith, because they know that Padme had the twins. So by the time R2 met Luke he did not know anymore.

Scumbag R2D2

I never thought about that! is one of the few characters who has memories of the Clone Wars, & he never tells Luke who his dad is.if i recall correctly, and got their memories erased after the clone wars.

Zombie Stormtrooper. Neat.

My reaction: "Is this a zombie storm trooper? That's a zombie storm trooper! Look at the zombie storm trooper! That's awesome.

This 'Star Wars' promo art is awesome and will get you ready for Episode VII.

404 error.

Saw this on Mashable for unique 404 pages and it made the geek in me laugh. I think it is time for me to add a custom 404 page to the website with this image!

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Darth Vader Says: I find your lack of Heavy Metal disturbing.

Lightsaber toothbrush. YES. Ben loves these.

Star Wars Toothbrushes

This could make a kid want to brush.it makes ME want to brush. They even have a timed light that blinks for 60 seconds to let kids know how long to brush their teeth.

Calvin & Hobbes Star Wars

Calvin & Hobbes Star Wars so cute

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Star Wars The Force Awakens Dark Side Movie Poster @ NiftyWareHouse

“Victorian Wars” by Terry Fan

"Victorian Wars" by Terry Fan

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I love the Muppets!

The Force is Strong with The Muppets at Disney Parks

Muppet Star Wars Action Figures via Ballisty Whitten

Carbon Fiber Stormtropper (Instagram / @carbonfibergear)

Buy Carbon Fiber Storm Trooper at Wish - Shopping Made Fun

What if Iron Man and R2-D2 traded costumes...? :P #ironman #r2d2

- Man and Iron by Alexander Lozano Marvel-Star Wars mash-up

R2-D2 Xbox: well, these beats the actual R2-D2 branded Xbox. The real kicker would be if Kinect was built-in to R2's head.

I want this X-Box. Even though I almost never play console games XD