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Ellen Page Promotes New Docu-Series 'Gaycation' in NYC | ellen page aol build series nyc 01 - Photo

Ellen Page Promotes New Docu-Series 'Gaycation' in NYC: Photo Ellen Page speaks on stage about her new documentary Gaycation at the AOL Build Speakers Series event on Wednesday (March in New York City.

Awwwn Ellen yer so cute oUo -Will

Cyn found she could relax around her fellow ISD agents; they knew who she was and accepted her anyway.

ellen page and converse | Page owns 49% of Chuck Taylor and sits on their board of directors

I'm kitty pryde. I have the ability to walk through walls. Im currently single. With a mini crush on Peter Parker.

Ellen Page

Ellen Page

Ellen Page <3 -Will

For everyone who agrees that Ellen Page is amazingly friggin' awesome. ASK & SUBMIT