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Peony   Learn to Paint Watercolors - Watercolor Techniques - Graduated Wash

Downloadable Painting Pattern - Watercolor Application - Rhododendrons by Artist Neadeen Masters

In this short demonstration, watch as Neadeen shows a simple graduated wash technique. Create dimensional effects with soft color. This little introduction w.

Watercolor Tutorial - I have always wanted to know how to paint in watercolors - and have a nice completed project!

Are you all as excited as I am for part 2 of Yao’s amazing Watercolor Tutorial series! If you need to catch up check out Watercolor Tutorial pt Basics & Supplies! Now take it away Yao!

How To Paint Soft Clouds in Watercolor by Deb Watson on Vimeo

How To Paint Soft Clouds in Watercolor by Deb Watson by Deb Watson. Award winning artist Deb Watson demonstrates how easy it is to create professional looking soft clouds with watercolor paint.

Getting fluffy white clouds with watercolor is easy with this step by step video - anyone can do it.

Painting Clouds in Watercolour - different paint lifting techniques - normal damp brush + tissue, a 'scrubbing brush', a 'Mr clean' eraser (American only?