P1070875.jpg 2 370 × 3 126 pixlar

P1070875.jpg 2 370 × 3 126 pixlar


Idea for front porch. t Big front porch with comfortable chairs. I can almost hear the squeaky plank porch boards and smell the wisteria.


Side of the house deck with elevated step and tree cutout - for the eventual backyard landscape

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Back Porch on a Budget..    On this budget-friendly beach house's back porch, $ 15 chairs from Ikea surround a table bought for $ 50 at a stoop sale.

65+ Inspiring Ways to Update Your Porch

Back Porch on a Budget . On this budget-friendly beach house's back porch affordable chairs from Ikea surround a table.

Like that it is only framing... not all are covered and this gives me some ideas.  Outdoor rooms

PORCH Shabby chic greenhouse I love this. Now I know what to do with the crystal chandelier that is hanging in our attic. Put it on the porch!

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