“ Chrobin Week: Day Free Topic ‘We swore to be two halves of a greater whole' Final drawing for Chrobin week otsukaresama! i dont usualy draw chrom this often bc he’s so hard to draw.

Don't mind me, just gonna be over here... What? Who's crying? Not me...

Game: Fire Emblem- Awakening Song: Laullaby for a stormy night by Vienna Tenng

Awwww~ *tries not to cry & fails pitifully*

Awwww~ *tries not to cry & fails pitifully* Fire Emblem Awakening Parents and Children

FE-A divine catnip by Kilala04 on DeviantArt

I hope you'll like it Uhm do you remember the little butterfly in the intro from FE Awakening? I think it's the soul of the avatar/ lisa And a legend says that butterflies are .