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Receiving a hand written letter in the mail is always a sweet surprise. I will write a handwritten letter for you and mail it to your recipient or you. All you have to do is tell me what you would like me to write.

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A nostalgic image of vintage love letters and pink cherry blossom by Jan Bickerton


As much as I love the instant gratification of the computer, a handwritten letter is wonderful.

somewhatvintage:  (via Pinterest)

Write me a letter without address, if it's ment it will be. (Antique French Letter Bundle Beautiful French vintage items by Tracey Leber at French Larkspur.

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ภเгคк ค๓๏

The saved mail I have from you before we married ~ and through the 13+ years apart ~ that I still sift through ...

War Letters, 65 years old, from a couple who married after knowing each other two weeks. Photography by Andrea Borden

Idea for Mums Love letters to Dada and this site has so many beautiful pictures

A bundle of French letters.wonder what they say (from French Larkspur)

A bundle of letters // I wish that I had a bundle of letters like this from a friend. It would be so sweet.

:) (I wish I had some of my parents letters from 1945 . but after a tornado went though our area .

FREE Build a Flower using letter sounds - what a fun way for kids to practice alphabet letters in a hands on way great for homeschool, preschool, and centers

Build a Flower Letter Sounds Sort

PRESCHOOL Are you ready for spring? If you’re not, you can get in the spring mood with this FREE Build a Flower Letter Sounds Sort! This pack features 25 beginning letter sound sorting flowers {excluding