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This is me and my Moirail. She picks me up every day and just runs away whenever we get into fights. Does anybody else's Moirail do that? No? Just mine? Ok.

[dirk strider voice] that's a super joke : this was supposed to be a short exercise for fun.

Homestuck beta and alpha kids and their eeveelutions. ^w^

Homestuck beta and alpha kids and their eeveelutions. ^w^<<I like the Rose grimdark one

A Homestuck Christmas>>>I don't care if I've pinned this already it's just too hilarious>>>omg Cronus looks so done

A Very Homestuck Christmas.<< Look up [Homestuck] Christmas Carol, the part two is Karkat singing his version and its too funny

I fricking cried im a mess ^ This pin is emotionally powerful af

[Image] Homestuck <--- Oh goodness. this is inspiring me and making me cry at the same time.<<<I will say this if I ever participate in a Speech Festival of something {Thyme

Why does such an amazing song cause such FEELS!?!? the song is Volatile Times by IAMX btw.

Volatile Times by the wonderful Xamag. one of the best Homestuck fanarts I've ever seen.<<<it's by IAMX _-_

Ehhhhhh I imagine if they met itd be more bloody

TERRYFYING - MOTHERFUCKING - war cry <<-- this is why he is my motherfucking patron. that's gamzee for ya motherfuckers! Gamzee is the best.

Even grub Karkat is an asshole.>>>are you referring to this comic? Cause that's Sollux and Mituna