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Finger portraits - can you recognize them? post below Hilarious!

Katt Williams - girls stop editing your pics. What if you go missing?  How do you expect us to find you if you look like Beyonce on Twitter & chief keef in person?

Girls be so quick to upload half naked pictures. - Girls be so quick to upload half naked pictures. Bitch upload a diploma

"Would you rather be stuck on an island all alone or with one person you hate? Why?" "I would rather be on an island with someone I hate so I have something to eat." lmao this is entirely too funny. #humor #funny #kids

Funny pictures about This is one smart kid. Oh, and cool pics about This is one smart kid. Also, This is one smart kid.

I got: You Meet Him At School! How Will You Meet Your Future Husband?

How Will You Meet Your Future Husband?

This should be available and come standard on every smart phone in Oregon!

It’s F*cking Raining Now – Authentic iPhone Weather app

David Maisel’s Geometric Geographies - The New Yorker

David Maisel’s Geometric Geographies

Pretty sure it's some sort of fallacy but who cares!!!

I am Iron Man, driving around in a mini van, every time I honk my horn, a very awkward baby is born!

A la mierda la cocaína!!! Yo quiero helado!

Who doesn't love ice cream? What's wrong with you? Ice cream is amazing. You can give someone ice cream and make their day. View Great Pictures of Ice Cream" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Behold the awesome Thermosaurus! Designed by the creative folks at Art. Lebedev Studio, the Thermosaurus is a heat exchanger with a Tyrannosaurus as a backbone. The device is highly efficient and energy-savvy, thanks to its complex structure that includes a skull, spine, ribs, legs, and tail bones. Made of cast iron, Thermosaurus installs like your regular central-heating radiator.     [via Design You Trust]

Thermosaurus Radiator Concept by Art Lebedev Studio is is a heat exchanger that is energy-savvy thanks to the cast iron skeleton. Design by Art Lebedev…