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I like you more than pizza and I really like pizza.

i like you more than pizza. no wait, i love you more than i love pizza & ice cream combined.

Love conquers all

Amor vincit Omnia in Latin- Love conquers all. Hmmm might be getting this with my next tat! I believe our love will conquer all.

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So we did, and it did… in the end… (I pray you are safe, and happy.

☆ dяєαм ☆

☆ dяєαм ☆

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I& going to start sending this image to habitual & texters. If I& got to get one letter responses, the letter should at least be beautiful.

All you want is something better, and really theres nothing i can do.. but when the person who is "better" leaves you behind like you did me, will that person really be any "better" than yourself?

Those eyes of yours Could swallow stars, Galaxies and universes. - I was lost in your eyes before I even knew where I was or that I wanted to be there.