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Victoria och Daniel får träffa Elizabeth II

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden in London, 7 November 2013

Kronprinsessan Victoria tycker att prins Daniel är superlik Göran Hägglund.

Kronprinsessan Victoria tycker att prins Daniel är superlik Göran Hägglund.

Who's #humpday couldn't be a little better with a #puppybelly!??? I don't get the pleasure of seeing absurdly cute puppies like this everyday but it's always a pleasant break from the intensity of challenging medicine and surgery patients  And also worth mentioning what amazing dogs pitbulls are! Loyal, sweet, and almost always gentle dogs with the right, loving upbringing. And I've met countless pit bulls that have had extremely abusive pasts and STILL would never hurt a fly! Did you know…

Who are our champions? Vets that's who. They take care of our cats dogs rabbits ferrets you name it . Photo Credit and featured vet .

This Handsome Vet Is Melting Hearts All Over The Internet

Ordinary-Looking Veterinarian Removes His Surgical Mask To Reveal A Gorgeous Face

We are presenting you a guide for an efficient vet visit because you have to be aware that you have to prepare yourself properly for this.

Celebrities & Dogs - if it weren't for the dog, she'd be hideous, LOL

Don't buy real or fake fur please as much of the "fake" fur on the market is actually dog fur from the horrific Asian dog trade. Factory farmed dogs and pets stolen for profit……disgusting and cruel! Fashion does not need fur of any kind!

Svennis: "Jag är ingen kvinnotjusare"

Svennis: "Jag är ingen kvinnotjusare"

#Lagerlokaler #Herlev, skal du have et sted at opbevare/lagerlokaler, så har vi også det til rådighed, #Frederiksholmflyttefirma, #obevaring #Ballerup, obevaring #Herlev, obevaring #Søborg, #opbevaring, #transport, transport Herlev

Be sure you have all of your moving supplies ready including boxes, packing tape, etc.

tzatziki potato salad by smitten kitchen.  super yummy, no mayo, added celery and some finely diced red onion, didn't have dill but didn't matter. oh, greek yoghurt, you make everything better!

tzatziki potato salad - made on Delicious and much more nutritious than regular mayo-based potato salad. The tzatziki sauce alone is a great recipe as well.

Bear baiting in America

Bear baiting, also known as "bear baying" by some, is a cruel spectator event where participants release their dogs to attack a tethered, captive bear, who h.

Something we liked from Instagram! Brazilian parrot receives world's first titanium 3D printed beak - A team of veterinarians and 3D printing experts from the Renato Archer Technology and Information Center (CTI) in Campinas Brazil have successfully implanted the worlds first metal 3D printed beak on a bright blue and yellow macaw. The bird named Gigi was rescued from captivity and found with severe deformations on her beak that prevented her from feeding herself yet just days after the…

Parrot found abandoned in Brazil gets radical new titaniam beak implant

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