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I would love to meet and work with Lana Del Rey. She's an extremly gorgeous and talented women who inspired me. I love both her style and music.

Photo Makeup!  All the tips and tricks for looking GREAT in photos!

Great makeup tips for your next photoshoot.but I actually like her hair, cute for family photos

Peach Lips for Fresh Makeup

12 Adorable Peach Lips for 2014

mini sequin eye makeup at chanel fall 2013 bronzed skin + blue eyes beautiful braids


There’s a sense of mystery to Clémence Poésy; impressive considering she’s appeared in international phenomenon Harry Potter.

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey- My goal length for my hair. (Ps, "Done my hair up real big beauty queen style") is a Lana Del Rey line. So past nerd. I laugh in the face of nerds.