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Joaquin Phoenix photographed by Michael Muller

Few stars shine as bright home and abroad like Joaquin Phoenix when it comes to the movie industry. His dramatic pictures always gross a lot of money. Check back to Joaquin Phoenix often for the latest breaking Joaquin Phoenix gossip on the net.

Joaquin Phoenix photographed by Michael Muller.

'In private, I live a quiet life. My extreme sport is acting': He faked a breakdown on live TV and now Joaquin Phoenix is tackling Scientology is his controversial new film

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Many people assume that Joaquin Phoenix’s scar resulted from the surgical correction of a cleft palate, but Phoenix was actually born this way. His prominent scar was formed in utero as a mild form of cleft palate called a microform cleft.

quitecontinental:  Joaquin Phoenix for Vogue Italia april 2001

joaquin phoenix for vogue italia april 2001 "i had a catholic girlfriend but she wouldn’t, uh, share loving"

Joaquin Phoenix  You are an awesome actor!  Don't let the bad guys get ya down...It IS all about the soul ya know...

Joaquin Phoenix photographed by Craig McDean. One of my all time favorite actor