Mixed media works by Sophie Cauvin

Nothing is so firmly believed as that which we least know Mixed media works by Sophie Cauvin Title: Michel de Montaigne

The golden ratio (phi) in nature

Spirals occur everywhere in nature. Whenever I come across a snail it reminds me to go within to my centre Fibonacci patterns

Anamorphoses – Les créations de Georges Rousse

Anamorphoses – Les créations de Georges Rousse

Georges Rousse is a French photographer who makes photos of desolate or abandoned spaces. But before he does that, he paints some precise geometrical shapes which are some kind of optical illusions.

Geometric fractals are a good idea. I can never get them right though. Work in progress. Some good inspiration though.

Designer Jenna Law set up Circle Circle as a collection of circle inspired art, design, photography & more. Her passion has evolved to include samples of her own circle inspired graphic design and.

annie morgan artist - Google Search

♒ Art in the Abstract ♒ modern painting by Annie Morgan/High Horizons

chelsea bentley james

I love how in these paintings Chelsea Bentley James has taken the mundane and made it engaging and beautiful. Reminds me of Wayne Thiebaud.

World Of Mysteries: Golf balls look surprisingly like planets

Interior Design - The inside of a golf ball – James Friedman, Photographer