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Good reference for drawing face shapes and hair. (Originally posted for choosing the right haircut for ones face shape.

Néon rouge  By Créatif Néons

Néon rouge By Créatif Néons

Kelly Ording

Urban street art graffiti mural by artist Kelly Ording on Valencia @ Street in the Mission District of San Francisco, Ca

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sweet/savory bread recipes are basically the same, only with different types of ingredients

Annie Vought - Hand Cut Paper

Annie Vought - Hand Cut Paper

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I would love to try this with images of my kids     credit: Green Art [ http://www.greenwala.com/community/groups/all/112-Green-Art/topics/899]

Roundup: 10 DIY Paint Chip Art Projects

Pixelated paint chip art adapted Bar at the Foiles Bergere by Tim Fraser Brown

2012Oil on canvas30x30 inches

2012Oil on canvas30x30 inches

OH, look. Maya actually looks happy, better take a picture, it wont last long.

Here’s a sketch of Babs who I’m beginning to like more and more. I’ve got a lot of practicing to get done so I’m just sketching atm. Everything is already starting to come back to me :) TΛB; Babs © Caleb Thomas<<<ITS SO GOOD

Belin and Rabodiga OGT Crew - Rabodiga painted by Belin Belin painted by Rabodiga

Amazing Street Art HOT Art by Adam Martinakis Jaw-Dropping Sidewalk Art street paintings Belin and Rabodiga OGT Crew


Xavier Veilhan