The All-Seeing Pizza



The all seeing eye of pizza is watching you. Soon, you can get your slice of this t-shirt, shipped in a pizza slice packaging.


500+ Occult Symbols and Esoteric Designs - Vector Collection

Line illustration | planets -  Something that I really enjoy creating and looking at in my personal time is Vector Line Illustrations. These ones in particular are lovely.  This style of design could be incorporated in to pretty much any subject or design matter quite easily.

Planet Unicorn Icons

The Girl With The Curl

The path is a spiral -- you continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths

Geometric Tattoos, Abstract Tattoos, Wrist Tattoo, Tattoo Art, Leg Tattoos, Tattos, Simple Mandala Tattoo, Trash Polka, Leg Sleeves

Knowledge continues to multiply,  as I come to understand my Third Eye  -Emma Mills

This is a very easy spell to open your third eye. This spell is very helpful in helping in the activation of the third eye chakra. Your third eye chakr.