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i post bts memes but none of them are mine unless i say so

I do this what any Kpop song comes on and in public my mom is like stop dancing van d singing and rapping and I'm like but I feel it and need to

bts, kpop, and meme image (I don't hear them in public but this would be)

it's me (I'm really laughing right now)

This is so true Ive been texting things like "lol" "rofl" "my stomach is starting to hurt" but im already dead inside


BTS V RM Jin momma looking at the principal like "And? What's wrong with that? He didn't steal money." While Namjoon is just like "It was a sale man.


Perfect expression to match that response xD 🤣, sooo trying that next time someone dares to freakin interrupt my precious sleep time

Bts Memes, Jimin

✧∵∴уσυ dση'т hαvє тσ вє ρєяғεcт тσ вє αмαɀιηg∵∴✧

He was like a little kid on Christmas day.