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Commit to be fit

commitment is the final step to getting healthy. otherwise its like a wedding without the marriage. :) inspire-to-be-healthy-fit

DAILYDIAMOND~1/8/13~~so, went biking today, ate healthy today. I'm happy with my day. I even got in the sauna. :) ~~~~~New years resolution for me was to stop judging people, learn the health stuff my mother knows so well, and get rid of my allergy's. So far, day one of my diet. Check. :)

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I love that there is finally an exercise plan for an hourglass figure, it should not be such a negative. I love! Pinning for my friends!!!!!! | Pins For Your Health

Curves Ahead: Toning Your Hourglass Figure: Get your hourglass figure in traffic-stopping shape - Move 06 - Glute Bridge with Triceps Extension - Tones: Butt, core, and triceps.

Because I need a lot of chances!!

Another Chance.Every day is a new day, and chance to change or tweak things about yourself! Don't allow your mind and spirit to stay in a funk because you failed yesterday!

Think.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

would you rather be covered in sweat at the gym or covered in clothes at the beach? So true! Time to sweat it out Beach Babes!

I will always believe that running is 90% mental and 10% physical.

Jillian Michaels quote - "Your legs are not giving out, your head is giving out. Keep going"

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Being fit doesn't make you less self conscious. Learning to love yourself for who you are no matter what makes you less self conscious.

Download your FREE 4-Week Body Weight Workout Schedule today. #bodyweightworkout #workouts #fitness

4-Week Body Weight Workout Program Schedule

Takes more than a day Be patient! Healthy weight loss takes time!


Work for it. Hard work, pays off. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

Great Ab workout from Women's Health

BEST ABS WORKOUT: Get Six Pack Abs in Weeks Lose belly fat: Use these abs exercises to get strong core muscles and flat abs in no time diet-exercise fitness for-the-home telmaxln ignaciavbe six-pack-abs abs ab-workout fitness fitness healthy-weight-loss

Ball Leg Lifts

Tone Your Muscles Faster With These Stability-Ball Moves

14 Ways to Tone the Inner Thighs: A toned inner thigh is a healthy inner thigh attractive and strong. 14 Ways to Tone the Inner Thighs: A toned inner thigh…

This is so true and very important!


Exercise is very, very important to your health, weight loss and general well being. Think long and hard about the benefits of exercise in your own life….The stronger your “Why?” the greater your “How?

10x Oefeningen voor smallere bovenbenen - Girlscene

10x Oefeningen voor smallere bovenbenen - Girlscene