My birthday tattoo idea - only with an Indigo Bunting instead of a wren.

Superb blue fairy wren on teatree (leptospermum) with blue banded bees

Blue fairy wren from Tatulus Tattoos, Mullumbimby, Australia - Australian Native plant botanical tattoos

Wren and a rose/Wren violet

This tattoo has major “ooooo! Francisco at Self Sacrifice in Soho, London.

tattoo fashion - Google zoeken

Neat idea, I don't mind this one. "Love who you are" vintage dress form mannequin tattoo with Edgar Allen Poe's handwriting.

tatuaje costillas

tatuaje costillas

Phoenix feather

I got this done a few days ago from West Coast Tattoos Falcon by the amazing Larnie. Theres a long and personal story behind getting a phoenix feather but i just wanted to share it because i love it.