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Tiny Confessions From Your Cat

Tiny Confessions From Your Cat

Artist, writer, and comedian Christopher Rozzi creates these hilarious illustrations that reveal kitty’s secret thoughts

The cutest hipster is a furry hipster! Check out these hip animals, esp love - Hipster Animals


"I choose to show my emotions through wild fits of lying around" - Striped Cat Print of Original Painting with by tinyconfessions

Cute kitty.

A little IBKC Halloween retrospective for you. Irving Lively Ms Butterbean and Friends .

Life is good

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This is Maray the cat. In 2014 Maray started hanging around the Serpukhov Museum of History and Art in Serpukhov, Russia. | This Museum's Prank Went Wrong And Now They've Employed A Cat - BuzzFeed News

This Museum's Prank Went Wrong And Now They've Employed A Cat

According to museum employee Nina Strelkova, Maray works from 9 to 5 each day with a break for lunch and a springtime walk. He even has a tent to sleep in at night.

For all you cat lovers out there... Yeah... They don't love you back....

CATS ARE ASSHOLES! 2015 Funny Cats Compilation - They’re just assholes! 😀 / To all the people arguing about dogs vs cats in comments section – shut up and just enjoy the video! All animals are better than people anyway (btw Im a cat person) -

Cats and books! Cats and books!

Cats and books! Cats and books!

The big day is just around the corner so I really have to look my best.  What do you think? Do you like the flowers around my head or are they to much......

I am a peace loving female, hippie from California. I could not live a day without music! I am always going to be "forever young" I refuse to grow up! Rock music is the best thing that ever happened to music! Peace and love to all!

so true

Rage Comics - cat - page 3 - cat

chicken cat bahahaha

chicken cat bahahaha