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Hallway decor: Wall o' pictures and fun things in frames. This idea will be in my house somewhere.

Would be a good idea for our 2 long photo collage frames. Sixteen Doors - eclectic - bedroom - new york - Incorporated

I like artifacts mixed in with pictures for wall art.

boho Exactly the color of my own wall! How nice :) So clever to have this mix of objects.

Fireplace Style - Mood Boards As Decor  - Photos

Fireplace Style

This incredible maximalist space is replete with a mantle-to-ceiling mood board! It’s the centerpiece of the room, we love how eclectic the whole space is and how the fireplace mood board will evolve over time.

hello sandwich

How to use pattern design to style a room. Add color and personality to your home or work space.

design is mine : isn't it lovely?: INTERIOR INSPIRATION : ON DISPLAY.

Dwell Beautiful brings you lovely visual inspiration and concrete tips for adding the color mustard yellow to your home decor! Add this cheery color to your decor pallete today!

Gretchen says: A wall of art and a pile of books. Be true to you.

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sweet girl's desk

Just a lovely spot in the living room of "meuk is leuk".

Let the Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore

Let the Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore

I so struggle with hanging a gallery wall without making it perfectly coordinated and aligned, mine is sitting on the floor waiting for me to understand how to do it in a mish mash manner

How To: Hang A Gallery Wall

How to hang a gallery wall :: wall decor, decorating, wall art, hanging pictures, photos

gallery wall <3

ISFP Decorating for the Artist

Trend Spotting Rainbow Colorful Interiors in Design, Home Decor, Art, Accessories, Style and Fashion. Featured: Rainbow ROYGBIV Color Palettes in the home

Inspire Bohemia: Bohemian Interiors a.k.a. Artistic Sanctuaries

turquoise and teal.one of my fav colors, teal.add a little mango, and would perfect

Love the books in the fireplace... Good idea for summer decoration in Texas!

A Peek Inside the Kate Spade Pop-Up Apartment Across the Pond

I pinned this for the treatment of the fireplace only. I like the look of stacked books here, pages out. A Peek Inside the Kate Spade Pop-Up Apartment Across the Pond

love the quote on the canvas....but really love the whole wall design

Gallery Wall Tutorial w/great ideas for how to fill the frames with prints, cards, art, etc.- want to this in hallway kitchen with inspiring and positive quotes and pics