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Funny pictures about Licked Or Not. Oh, and cool pics about Licked Or Not. Also, Licked Or Not photos.


The Pets' Prayer Wallpaper from Funny pictures! This is a cute picture and a cute caption/prayer! "Dear ord, we thank you for this food we are about to eat. Please don't let us get caught.

U will only get this if u are a trucker! Oh SWIFT...

This dog acting silly while waiting for you to get his treat. This dog who wants you to know he thinks you’re cute! This dog who thinks you are HILARIOUS! This dog who feels absolutely nothing about you. This dog who just found out you’re still holding …


Funny pictures about I immediately regret it! Oh, and cool pics about I immediately regret it! Also, I immediately regret it!

They have a sense of humor too

You mean you're not my real mom? You mean you're not my real mom? You mean you're not my real mom?

Pet wars

It made me laugh. "Snow Dog to Dog Fort. Snow Dog to Dog Fort. Come in Dog Fort.


My pug is a diva and I swear if she could talk, she'd say this to me every time she has to walk in the rain. Even snow for that matter!

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Me:I can see u. Dog:no u can't.me:I can seeee u.dog u can't I said u can't.me:wait I'm talking to a dog .ok I can't see u

puppy v praying mantis!!

An epic battle unfolds with the fate of the world all depending on the victor