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Peter Jacubinas's "Sunday Afternoon, Effective Team (Oblivion)"

Ok, so I've been watching the crap out of the movie Oblivion. Too bad the crazy red haired chick get obliterated.

Concept of sci fi pulse rifle. Quite busy these days but I've been able to make this one concept along.  It is energy equipment. No projectiles at all. Battery is socketed in rear sections beh...

Concept of scifi gun - electric rifle -  for fictional scenario. No ammo, but energy pack-battery. Worked in max, used vray rendering engine and finished it in photoshop.

Top 10 Sci-Fi movies: Galaxy Quest. This is a must see for any Sci-Fi movie lover. It's so great.

The best science-fiction movie there ever was. Alan RIckman as a Shakespeare quoting alien?

One for the oldies, minor vintage sci-fi TV series 'Space 1999'. #space1999 #moonbasealpha. Duncan:"...this really was well done and deserves its recognition". More

Looking back at SPACE: 1999 - Warped Factor - Daily features & news from the world of geek

Sunday Sci-Fi Vol. 4 » ISO50 Blog – The Blog of Scott Hansen (Tycho / ISO50)

Sunday Sci-Fi Vol. 4

Publication: Star Trek 6 Authors: James Blish Year: Catalog ID: Publisher: Bantam Books Cover: Lou Feck

Gamer Girl Series - Reckless vs. Wreckless

knightofleo: “ Gui Guimaraes wii u girl xbox one girl girl ati senpai nvidia senpai cyber candy doll no.

USB locket!  For the data you love!

USB locket for all your treasured data - Holy Kaw!

Jean-Marc Emy | Grand Prize for architectural visualization challenge – CityLIFE

Jean-Marc EMY Architect / Graphic artist / Architectural visualization Tribute to Metabolism CityLIFE Grand Prize Third Architectural Vis.

New poster of Jennifer Lawrence for “Passengers”

'Passengers' by Morten Tyldum. I was a sucker for this. Romance in space, some impressive sci-fi tech and a heartwarming story. Something to get lost in on a Sunday afternoon. Chris Pratt and J Law are a good match here.

Beyond Cylons and Warp Drive: Phenomenal Sci-Fi Concept Art | Psdtuts+

My Red Tie by Daniel Conway Design Inspiration Visual Art Inspiration Designflavr

Sunday Sci-Fi Vol. 1

Sunday Sci-Fi Vol. 1

Ducking into used bookstores over weekends and after work, I have become a bit of a sci-fi paperback junky. I love the feeling of rummaging through stacks of forgotten paperbacks and discovering th.

Sunday Sci-Fi Roundup

From giant space carriers to starfighters, moon bases to moon buggies, whether you love LEGO models inspired by real-world space programs or science-fiction, you’re in the right place.

Sunday Sci-Fi Vol. 1 » ISO50 Blog – The Blog of Scott Hansen (Tycho / ISO50)

Sunday Sci-Fi Vol. 1

Science fiction illustration by John Berkey. I love how it goes from painfully technical to downright abstract. It makes me think this ship is using some type of reality-bending technology we can't even fathom.