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Crash course for a few basic words in Lithuanian.

A 5 minute basic Lithuanian lesson, and you're good to go! To put your Lithuanian language to the test visit www.

A Brief History of Lithuania: Part One

This is part one of the three-part lecture of Lithuanian history. For more information, read "Lithuanian History" by Adolfas Šapoka.

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20 signs you were born and raised in Lithuania

Basketball is your second (if not first) religion. And you can survive the big fat Lithuanian wedding!

Helpful resources to learn Lithuanian for free

Want to learn lithuanian for free? This is a list of some useful resources and tools to help get you started learning one of europe's oldest languages.

Lesson One: Lithuanian Video Course

The first lesson of the Lithuanian Video Course. The lesson covers the very basics of the Lithuanian language and is organised into three parts.

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Lithuanian Language - Bing Images

Want to impress your new Lithuanian friends? Try saying some common phrases in Lithuanian.