Rupert Grint dancing in the rain. This picture makes me happy.

Mark Reads ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’: Chapter 30

"singing in the rain, just singing in the rain!" yes, ladies, that is Rupert Grint.

Draco and Ron ships lol

Oml just, "I really love chicken" Ladies and gentlemen just another reason that we love Rupert grint😂❤

Heh no biggie.. omg anyone knows of any good dramione fanfictions/ no pairings but HP au fanfic??? im running out i havent read a new one in like 2 weeks im dying omg .. #slytherinhousepride ~kay (@kaydraco)

Draco is looking at Hermione, not with hatred but is looking at her with sincere eyes! DRAMOINE FOR EVER!