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So fucking weird when you think about it!! Traditional speciesism

We can thank our profit-driven indoctrination and the worst (taught/learned) prejudice on the planet -- traditional speciesism -- for this one.

Not easy jeje

Grown adults sounding like primary school kids. Blame our education system, the media and of course BiG corporations for the decades of brainwashing for profit. Go vegan!

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Did you know that chickens are the closest living relatives of the Tyrannosaurus rex? Learn more fascinating facts about some of your favorite animals!

What it's like to be vegan around meat

The Bite Size Vegan - Emily Moran Barwick - on why animal products bother vegans.


Don't see the difference myself. Pigs are just as important as dogs in my opinion! No self-respecting animal lover would value the life of one animal over another!

Cognitive dissonance. THINK. Go Vegan.

FACT: Millions of baby male chicks are suffocated or ground up alive by the egg industry each year. Yes, even cage-free and organic.

They are born into abuse, horror and neglect only to be slaughtered in front of each other, slipping on their own blood.