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projector in bedroom! Our friends in New York City save money and space. Hook up to laptop and stream Netflix on your 50 inch projector "screen.

Projector in blank wall playing old horror films or vintage halloween clips during party

No need to by an expensive big tv when you you are moving into you first apt, a protector that be hooked up to laptop is great an affordable, you can watch netfilx etc on a huge screen projected on the wall, a projector is definitely on my list!

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simplytonka: studyingformylawdegree: Dec On a short trip in Edinburgh with my family to celebrate Christmas! In amongst Christmas market shopping, movies and coffees, I’m sparing a little morning time to study. Gotta get that law degree!

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light/moody the atmosphere in the room looks lonely and sad the mood is given off by the lighting in then room

Magical Thinking Boho-Stripe Duvet Cover - Urban Outfitters. IN LOVE with Urban's bedding!

Magical Thinking Boho-Stripe Duvet Cover

50 budget friendly bedroom ideas: American horror story pillow

50 budget-friendly bedroom ideas

50 budget friendly bedroom ideas: American horror story pillow The MCR pillow was my favourite

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lxndscape: I bought a projector because my tv broke and I couldn’t be bothered with getting a new one home and I think it’s the best decision I’ve ever made<<<< i really love this idea!