I love dreads with bangs left out, but I'm not sure if I would leave mine out, I feel like my bangs would bug me and I'd always try to pin them back...

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Red dreadlocks with bangs

to do badass bangs, or not to do badass bangs, that is the question .

I don't care what anyone says, I love mystical hair in all its beautiful forms.

dreads and braids.i love dreads!

Love her mods

dreadlocks One Luv +dreadstop /

#lovedread     It can also have a serious working Look

Wear dreads and be pretty!

dreads with bangs: exactly what I'm wanting to do

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Girls with freckles are so wonderful!

I REALLY want mine to be red....

Love the loose hair on top and dreads on bottom.

#dreads #dreadlocks

#dreads #dreadlocks

Red dreads

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bangs with dreads - Google zoeken

bangs with dreads

double-ended dread extensions.

Vertical labret, lobes and dreads.

dreads and bangs, bangarang

Long, brown dreadlocks with bangs.


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Knightley Stars (Sarah K)

Those dreads though

when my dreads get this long I'm going to bleach my dreads again do this color instead of pink =]

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